Our services are an epitome of clarity for our clients

If you need the services of a lender who is trustworthy and provides the lowest interest loans then you need to get in touch with IpCredit – Singapore Money Lender. The objective is to keep their customer happy with loans anytime the need arises. Often customers are frustrated with the delays in loan release due to the time taken in processing the application however that is never the case with us as our team deals with each application on priority. We are one of the leading financial institutions in the country and our services are approved and licensed by the IPTO. Our services range from personal and collateral loan for individuals, educational loans for scholars and business loans for companies, and payday loans for people requiring small loan amount for exigencies.

Low interest rates are handed out to corporate clients

Company’s objective is to deliver the best customer experience by proving loans required by customers on an urgent basis. Many times when we are in urgent need of money, lenders take their own time making us wait in urgent times. Our simplified process of Appling for loan has been a hit among customers. We respond within a few hours of you loan application submission. We are known as the lowest interest money lender in singapore as we create attractive interest rate products with flexible payment options for our customers who need time to pay back the money. Our interest rates are based on the duration of the loan amount. Shorter the duration, lesser is the interest amount. For corporate loans we work under a strict confidential process so that other than the company officials applying for the loan, the loans details aren’t divulged as information of companies taking loan may affect their business.

Stay away from the loan sharks in the financial markets

At SKM Credit Pte Ltd – Trusted Moneylender In Singapore work closely with business groups to provide them with financial solution in the form of monitory assistance to help the business grow. These days companies us the lenders money for their business acquisition. We help companies in understanding the viability of a project and the return of investment expected as the money lend would be used for the project. Don’t fall in the debt trap that loan sharks want you to fall in, it is better you lend money from a registered licensed lender

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